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Let's face it.  If we were really smart, we would only watch Technology news and we would only elect engineers and geeks to public office.   Tech news is always uplifting and inspiring.  Every news item is usually about another stroke of genius available to us all to enjoy and make our lives better.  And the icing on the cake is that the better it gets, the cheaper it is!   And those Techies and Geeks; imagine if we had that degree of genius all over Washington instead of inept, creatively challenged lawyers?

The latest is the demonstration of Apple’s iPad Textbooks using their new iBooks2 app.  It alone may not be what is needed, but it is sure is a welcomed first step in what hopefully is a long overdue revolution in Americas educational system.

Take a look.  Just so cool.  I can't imagine anything more exiting or inspiring that would actually want you to go back to school and do it all over again.  (Well OK, I lied.  Those 60's mini-skirts are reason enough to make that journey again…)

Apple’s iPad Textbooks: Everything You Need to Know About iBooks 2

Steve Jobs wanted to do for education what he did for music, phones and tablet computers. Apple's new textbooks was his Next Big Thing (or one of them). With their new iBooks 2 and iTunes U app's digital courses, Apple wants to change the way students access education material and help them learn and study. But have they succeeded?

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