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Everybody knows that Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other Islamic nations (there are 57 in all) are nearly 100% Muslim. Those countries were Christian, Buddhist and Hindu. Exactly how did this change to Muslim happen? –  'The Black Hole of History' – Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

For the most historically accurate answer posed by the question above, divide 270,000,000 by 57.  The result will give you 4,736,842.  This is approximately how many kafirs (non-muslims) that have been killed in the ongoing Islamic conquest of nations. ( See Tears of Jihad )

Islamic imperialism is not only an historical fact, but it is an ongoing war against civilization that Islam proudly brags about.  

Our history denies the truth of the Islamification of civilizations.  When you read history it seems that Islam came, and, magically, the countries are Islamic. But of course an event of this magnitude did not simply happen. But our schools insist that Islam “just happens.” In fact, the entire history of the rise of Islamic imperialism is denied in the curriculum of our private, state and religious schools. Our schools don’t teach how Islam transforms each and every nation it invades to pure Islam, how it happens and what the consequences are. This is the law of Islamic saturation. 'The Black Hole of History' – Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

Islam imperialism consists of three fronts; 1. Terror and Conquest   2. Silent Jihad – Imposing Sharia Law and special privileges for Muslims in non Muslim nations  and  3. By saturation of non Muslim countries via immigration and extremely high birthrates aided by the Islamic "religious" right to have 4 or more wives.

So the facts are the facts and the reality is what it is.  Time is growing short.  The ignorance and dismissal of 1400 years of Islamic imperialism is nothing less than suicidal.   Just read the news everyday and witness the reality of Islamic jihad in every corner of the globe. 

Wake up world before you never 'can get out of bed again'…

From 'The War for Civilization';  One thing is for sure, as it has since it’s beginning, Islam will continue to seek world domination.  Death and destruction will continue to be the signature of Islam in all parts of the world.  The Good Guys will continue to sacrifice their freedoms for security while paying trillions of dollars just to stay alive in a frightened world.

Islam must be extinguished.  War is inevitable.  Unfortunately, there is no other solution.

There is an analogy that may best describe the world’s situation with this enemy.

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