–  The Bottom Line –

There are two types of TV pundits.  Those pundits that reside mostly on the liberal channels, like all liberals, are only concerned with their own opinions.  The facts, the realities and the history of any subject takes a backseat to their personal opinion and ideology.  Those on the other more conservative or middle of the road channels are more concerned with displaying their 'illusional' intellect than on reporting the truth and the realities of the news.   Being in tune with everyday Americans and relying on basic common sense takes a distant 2nd to inflating their elite egos for all of us unintellectual commoners to see.    Of course there are exceptions to both types, but they are rare.

Case In Point:  Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer over at Fox News.  In the first South Carolina debate Williams displayed why he is a mindless liberal by asking the typical race card question to a conservative.  Fortunately the question was asked to Newt Gingrich and Williams was exposed for what he was on national TV.

In this video Bill Whittle over at PJTV does an excellent job of dissecting the liberal line of race baiting by Juan Williams:

Charles Krauthammer on the other hand is a pretty smart guy who rarely lets his prejudice get in the way of the facts.  But even Mr. Krauthammer is prone to that natural infliction that most humans are prone to; 'look how smart I am.'   (I probably should have used Fox's Bill O'Reilly who in his unbridled attempt to achieve 'fair and balanced' has become the poster child for 'showing you how intellectual I am is more important than being right.' – See ‘Fair and Balanced vs.’Right and Wrong’ )

Anyway, the other night Bret Baier (who just happens to be one of the exceptions) was terrific in exposing how these 'brilliant' analyists can be so out of touch with what they opine on.

Congratulations to Bret Baier, my new favorite TV anchor.  We couldn't have illustrated the point any better… 

In the wake of Newt Gingrich’s victory tonight in the South Carolina Primary, here is video of Fox News’ Bret Baier having some fun with Charles Krauthammer and Juan Williams by showing clips of them saying back in May and June of 2011 that Newt Gingrich’s campaign was “over,” and “done.”

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