Back story:  On June 9th 1972, my friend (and best local Elvis impersonator) and I went to Madison Square garden to see Elvis.   It was Elvis' return to live performance after nearly 15 years.  Needless to say the crowd was on pins & needles waiting for the return of 'The King.'

After an opening act female singing group, then a no name comedian and an intermission, the lights went black in the Garden.  Suddenly Elvis' intro theme Sprach Zarathustra started and spotlights covered the pitch black arena.  Then all at once the spotlights converged on corner of the stage and out came 'The King of Rock and Roll.'   And make no mistake about it, this was The King; the anticipation and excitement in the air at that moment can only be described as 'as close to the second coming as we will ever see.'

After the screaming and roaring of the crowd finally started to subside, we all agreed that that priceless moment made our $10.00 ticket the best deal in entertainment history.   A moment in time that had come and gone.  This was 1972.  There was no DVD made or camcorders around to share and preserve it.   Only flash photos which we were not even supposed to take.

The Point:  I discovered almost 40 years later that this moment had been documented by a private person with an 8mm camera and was available on YouTube!    Shocked and awed indeed.

And the more you search this great video site, the more magical it becomes.  OK, chances are you'll never find the video of The Baby Born in a Manger, but just about every thing else is there!

Just try to comprehend this stat:

YouTube hits 4 billion views per day, deals with 60 hours of uploaded content every minute!

Just in case you missed it, here's The King; Madison Square Garden, June 9, 1972:









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