–  The Bottom Line  –

Two of the sharpest guys on our side have gone AWOL!

Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter trashing Newt Gingrich like they're on Obamas campaign team!  My two favorites – that I can no longer listen to.  HELP!

Now we know that 'The Good Guys' keep playing softball and committing all kinds of errors doing it.  (see The Good Guys Eat Their Own)  But Glenn and Ann are the exceptions to this rule.  So WTF is going on? 

OK, I understand Ann – she' single and Mother Nature (consciously or subconsciously) is stronger than any political ideology AND Romney is pretty damn good looking. (after all wasn't it Ann who said 'Bill Clinton is the number one reason why women shouldn't vote')
But Glenn???  The poster child for patriotic Americans who 'get it.'  What happened to my favorite broadcaster of all time ??? 

Have these two not seen any of the debates?  Have they no knowledge of Newt Gingrich's accomplishments as Speaker with a Democratic President?  Have they never bothered to go to Newt.org and read the volumes of papers constructed over the last decade dissecting and providing solutions to the most complex problems in America.  This guy Gingrich is no lawyer talking out of both sides of his mouth and making unqualified promises.  This man not only has the track record to back  his rhetoric, but he has books, DVDs and research papers created to solve the problems that all others merely guess at solutions for.

So again, WTF is going on?  The only answer I have is that 4 letter word that Obama has more of than anything else & the word that scares the hell out of me when it comes to the 2012 election: L U C K.

Let's pray that God once again blesses The USA and gives Newt Gingrich the LUCK need to be our next President.

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