–  The Bottom Line  –

Thank You Congressman Alan West,  aka Americas Best Hope. "You took the words right out of my mouth,  Please feel free to use them anytime…."

Is there any doubt in any one's mind (those who have working minds) that these words are used far to infrequently in today's America; an America with treasonous diatribe flooding the government and the airways?    Just about every day in every conversation with a Democrat, aka liberal, progressive, socialist, Marxist, communist, this statement would be a very legitimate response to the anti-American vitriol of those on the 'left.'   Those who are determined to undermine American tradition, excellence and preeminence in the world.

So next time you are disgusted with someone betraying American ideals and traditions, don't even bother to try to change their mind.  Their position is rarely based on any facts or realities; you will be 'whistling in the wind.'   You can qualify their opinion.  You can save a lot of time.  And you can endorse the greatest nation in the history of man on earth.  

Keep it short and sweet.   Since they're so against what  it stands for just tell them

‘Get the Hell Out of the United States of America’



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