–  The Bottom Line  –

Greetings once again to the real leader of The USA, Mr. Rod Serling.  I loved this guy on his TV show, but he's really making me nauseous running our country…

Please someone tell me how a American Naval Warship is named after Gabrielle Giffords.  WHY?  FOR WHAT?  ARE YOU SERIOUS?   HELP SOMEONE, GET ME OUT OF THIS PARALLEL UNIVERSE!

Poor Ms. Giffords was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time and was almost killed by another demented jackass.  No, it wasn't an assassination attempt by a foreign government for her part in foreign policy or legislative decisions that saved military campaigns or even lives.  Again, it was simply Ms. Giffords being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She was unlucky and as bad luck can do and indeed does every day of the week, she almost lost her life.  

How many young heroes have sacrificed their lives and indeed fought and died for our country?  OK, we can't name a ship after each one so let's be realistic.  How many Navy heroes have earned the Medal of Honor?  We can Google the answer but the point is made;  the honor of having a Naval Warship named after one should be reserved to recognize those special heroes who offered their lives to defend our country.  

Nothing personal Ms. Giffords, Thank God for your continued recovery.  But your acceptance of having your name on a Navy Warship should have been met with the same response that Obama should have conveyed in Oslo Norway;

'No Thank You, Please Give This Honor to Someone Who Deserves It'


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