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Arab Spring – Any Questions?

–  The Bottom Line  –

Haven't heard too many of the BDCC ('Brain Dead & Creatively Challenged Media') or the Obama administration referring to 'The Arab Spring' lately.   After decades of 'Arab Springs' and ALL resulting in Islamic Sharia regimes replacing the 'dictators', maybe they will admit how blind and stupid they have been, but don't hold your breath…


To make it all so very simple for them, since history, reality and the facts have no bearing on their judgments, maybe these latest headlines will enlighten them since they come from someone even comatose liberals admit is our enemy.


Leader of Al Qaeda calls on Muslims to help Syrian rebels

Published February 12, 2012 | Associated Press

The head of Al Qaeda is calling on Muslims across the Arab world and beyond to support rebels in Syria [3] who are seeking to overthrow President Bashar Assad, and says they cannot depend on the West for help.

In a new videotaped statement, Ayman al-Zawahri calls on Muslims in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to join the uprising against Assad's "pernicious, cancerous regime."

In the video titled "Onwards, Lions of Syria," Zawahiri criticized the Syrian regime for crimes against its citizens, and praised those rising up against the government.  …

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