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So the Muslim President apologizes to the enemy that is killing our boys for burning the Koran but is silent as Christians all over the world are butchered.   As is Islam the 'diarrhea of civilization' so is Barack Obama the 'diarrhea of the American Presidency.'

The latest Islamic contribution to world affairs is the sentencing of thirty-four year old Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to death for converting from Islam to Christianity.    That's right, Mohammed's death cult known as Islam, can not survive if any of it's members dare to spread the truth about a real God and a real religion.  Islam's charade of being a 'religion' will be exposed, so they have adapted the death penalty for anyone who even thinks about it.

Question:  So where are all of the world's Christians???  Where is the Pope???  Where are all the pastors and preachers around the world???  Where is the American media who cover the burning of Korans 24/7???

Answer:  No where to be found; as they have been for 1400 years of Islamic atrocities throughout the world.   SHAMEFUL

 Just take a look at this Christian man and his family. 

Now take a look at this Jewish family who were all butchered (throats cut) as they slept in their home

Family of 6 Butchered – Muslims Celebrate Passing Out Candy


Yes World – Time to Wake Up

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