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So what else is new? Another supposed Arab spring uprising, and what is the result? Death and misery for all. Especially infidels. Just like Egypt. And Libya, and Tunisia, and anywhere else Islam festers.

The obvious questions here;   So where are all of the world's Christians???  Where is the Pope???  Where are all the pastors and preachers around the world???  Where is the American media who cover the burning of Korans 24/7???  

And finally, how f__ing stupid is the Western world after 1400 years of Islamic conquest and the examples of Egypt,Tunisia, Libya and Iraq just recently – all butchering Christians in the name of Islam???

All are blind, deaf dumb and suicidal…

Syria: Muslims run wild, Christians suffer, as usual

by Kal El on February 8, 2012 ·


Two Christian men, one aged 28, the other a 37-year-old father with a pregnant wife, were kidnapped by the rebels in separate incidents and later found dead; the first was found hanged with numerous injuries, the second was cut into pieces and thrown in a river. Four more have been abducted, and their captors are threatening to kill them too.

On 15 January two Christians were killed as they waited for bread at a bakery. Another Christian, aged 40 with two young children, was shot dead by three armed attackers while he was driving a vehicle.”

Perhaps because of such brutality, however clear things might seem, Christians in Syria remain wary of what “change” might mean for their country, looking to Iraq where their brothers and sisters in Christ are now making a mass exodus as a result of the attacks they have faced and Egypt where the prospect of an Islamist government has been matched by on-going attacks on Christians in a way not previously seen under President Hosni Mubarak.  …

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