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Dear Rush,

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

Full Disclosure:  I recently I found out that I was not perfect and did not know everything.  This latest revelation was indeed depressing but I tell you this because I now realize that we both have something in common; in spite of our genius, we both still screw up!

I am VERY SORRY to hear of your apology.
You did use an 'inappropriate' word because the word 'slut' calls for an opinion.  And you of all people should know that only liberals are allowed to have opinions and pass judgment in America any more.

You should have used the word 'Whore' because she defined herself as a whore with her own testimony before Congress:

World English Dictionary :
whore- noun 1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse usually for money or with the expectation of financial subsidy for engaging in the act of sex.

Referencing the English dictionary is a great tool in exposing the camouflaged agendas of liberals and the PC Police.  I know what you're thinking now; yes, go ahead.  Look up the word 'gay.'    See what I mean?

So it would be honest for you to reiterate the apology along with the correction that from hence forward, you will only call her what she herself testified to be as defined in the dictionary; a whore. 

And one last piece of advice; don't denigrate the President.  You need to wish him luck with the hope that some day he too will become a proud parent…

Good Luck & Good Health


F.William Houraney


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