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“I propose we put an end to human death.”

The Ultimate Bottom Line as presented in a great article by Thomas Frey who is the innovation editor for THE FUTURIST magazine.  

The genius of man has brought us to the threshold of achieving the greatest dream of all.   Mr. Frey explores the ethics and the realities of what may be in store for us when we finally experience the true freedom that only God could provide; the freedom to choose when we die.

For those of you who are optimists and love life, sit back and enjoy this inspiring look into our future.

When Death Becomes Optional

Thomas Frey's pictureTh? year ?? 2032. Y?u h?v? just celebrated ??ur 80th birthday ?nd ??u h?v? ??m? tough decisions ahead. Y?u ??n ??th?r k??? repairing ??ur current b?d? ?r m?v? ?nt? a new ?n?.
Th? growing ?f “blank” bodies h?? b???m? ?ll th? rage, ?nd b? using ??ur ?wn genetic material, b?d? farmers ??n ?v?n recreate ??ur ?wn face ?t age 20.

In just 20 years, th?? ?? ?n industry th?t h?? moved fr?m th? equivalent ?f Frankenstein’s laboratory t? th? new celebrity craze, w?th controversy following ?t ?v?r? step ?f th? w??.

Th? combination ?f a f?w high profile “accidents” ?l?ng th? w??, coupled w?th th??? ?n th? religious community wh? claim th?t b?d? farmers ?r? playing God, ?nd asking “where does ?ur soul reside?” h?? given ?t thousands ?f t?? media headlines ?r?und th? world. Th? f?r?t th?ng ?n individual ??n d? t? file a wrongful death claim ?? t? hire ?n experienced lawyer.  You should take advice from lawyers for wrongful death cases in Cordova [1]. The first thing you should see is if you are authorized to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Only the decedent’s surviving spouse, children, parents, siblings, or other relatives are authorized to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If investigators find that the person who caused a fatal accident behaved negligently behind the wheel, the situation can qualify for a wrongful death claim. Some examples of driving negligence include drunk driving, breaking traffic rules, reckless driving, over speeding, texting while driving, e.t.c. To know more about the wrongful death case, you can Go Here [2] website. Finding a good wrongful death attorney can be challenging, so it is definitely a process you want to take seriously. The first and best way to find a lawyer is to ask. If you have friends or family who have had occasion to retain a personal injury, ask if the person was good. Even better if you know a lawyer, ask her who she would hire if she needed a wrongful death lawyer. Visit to original site [3] of malloy law firm to get wrongful death attorney. Lawyers know who the good lawyers are in their town, or can find out with a couple of phone calls. Yes, look on Avvo, call your bar association, look on Martindale. On Avvo, look and see if anyone from the firm answers questions and what you think of how he presents himself. It may not be your lawyer who answers the questions, but it will tell you something about the people at the firm. Search on Google for “wrongful death attorney geographic area.”  Take a look at some of the firms.

Make certain, and I mean 100% certain, that the lawyer has handled your kind of wrongful death case before. This means if the person died due to medical malpractice, you don’t so much need a wrongful death lawyer as a medical malpractice lawyer. You do not want someone who handles car accident cases to take on what is really a medical malpractice case. If it is a car accident death, you want someone who has handled car accident wrongful death cases. So look at the firm’s site and see if the lawyers handle your kind of case.

Look at the reviews online. Even if the law firm’s site has reviews and they are controlled, they are likely honest and you can at least get a sense of what some of their positive results have been. Off website reviews are better, since the firm cannot control them.

Talk to at least three firms. Ask the person you talk to how much experience the firm has in handling your specific kind of case. Who litigates the cases? How much experience does s/he have generally and in this kind of case. Don’t worry about asking what the case is worth. Any lawyer worth his salt won’t be able to tell you what the case is worth for a while. If someone starts throwing figures at you before he can possibly know, run, don’t walk.

Ev?r? person ?n th? planet h?? a different opinion ?b?ut th?? moral dilemma, ?r wh?th?r ?t? safe ?r dangerous, ?r wh?th?r w? ?h?uld just g?t better ?t repairing ?ur existing bodies.

A? medical advances continue, ?nd w? devise ?n entirely new range ?f health-enhancing options, I propose w? set a new standard, raising th? bar t? th? highest possible level. I propose w? ?ut ?n end t? human death.

Tough Choices Ahead  ….

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