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Springfield schools approve policy that could provide condoms for 12-year-olds

OK go ahead and get your glasses or clear your eyes and try to focus them.  I'll make it bigger for you.  Now read it again:

Springfield schools approve policy that could provide condoms for 12-year-olds

Like you, I too thought that my eyes were deceiving me but once again, Rod Serling's America  has produced another outrageous headline that supports The Twilight Zone that is America 2012.    
Usually we provide a link to the original post.  But there really is no need to read the story.  This headline says it all.  No discussion is necessary.  They have won.  The whores, queers and atheists now have total control of America and you can bet your ass that they want your children to be just like them!   After all, the more of them there are, the less guilty they have to feel about their perversions.  So they are on a mission and our children are their future…  
And sadly, you can't even complain because it's your fault!   America and its culture no longer belong to you.   It belongs to the privileged class of people that you so ignorantly keep voting for.  From local to state to Federal government, it is your vote that is destroying what once was our great country.  

Sorry good guys.  I love you but you are weak and naive and gullible and I'm sure this is all going right over your head.  So here's a little reminder from your leaders so that you can begin to understand the error of your ways:  

–  A Message From Our Masters  –

… So just keep working and paying us your taxes.

And when you vote don’t worry about which party you vote in.

We control them too.

So stop your questioning and complaining and just keep voting us into office.

You are indeed ‘Useful Idiots’

Thank You

The Lawyers

AKA:  democrats, republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives, progressives, politicians,


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A Message From Our Masters


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