Dear God,

Please grant me one dollar for every gas price increase excuse in the last 40 years…

Thank You.  Amen

Of course this time around there can be no doubt about why gas is overpriced;  Obama even promised it in his 2008 campaign.  But all the racist, freeloading and American Idol voters didn't even listen, IT DIDN'T MATTER!     So he kept THIS PROMISE to the brain dead electorate and at the same time enriched his Muslim brothers and the enemies of America.

Today's Gas Price Formula:

But Americans being ripped off at the pump goes way back before Obama. 

In 1973, Richard Nixon actually talked to the nation and asked that we not use Christmas lights because 'the world is running out of oil.'    Ten years later we found out there was a gut of oil in the world!   And we stupid people thought that it took millions of years for fossil fuels to develop….

Local communities pulled the plug on Christmas decorations in December 1973 to comply with a federal order to save electricity.  In a nationally televised address, President Richard M. Nixon announced several steps to ease the U.S. energy crisis following a Mideast oil embargo.  He proposed rationing home heating oil, halting Sunday gasoline sales, lowering the highway speed limit to 55 mph and reducing fuel deliveries to airports.  If those suggestions weren't controversial enough, Nixon prodded Americans to refrain from putting up outdoor decorations during the holiday season.

The first 'gas crisis' in the early seventies will indeed go down as the biggest business scam in the history of the world.  Gas was about 30 cents a gallon.  Then all of a sudden there was a "shortage."   Gas "had to rationed" to the point where we could only get gas on alternate days and we would have to wait in line sometimes for hours just to get some!   Then, after the price more than tripled to about $1 a gallon, like magic all of a sudden we had all the gas we could buy!   Ten years later, a world gas gut!   But now the oil cartels and oil barons were making billions instead of mere millions.

It always has been and continues today to be a rip-off of the American people perpetrated by the oil companies, the Muslim oil cartel and our lawyer/politicians in Washington.  Don't take my word for it, here is John Kerry in a rare moment of truth and candor talking to Bill O'Reilly:

Yes, this whole energy problem never had anything to do with supply and demand.   And today the scam continues only it' now is deadly.   We have in the White House a Muslim Socialist President who has no problem with his brothers overseas raking in more petro dollars to finance their War on Civilization.  And as a bonus to his anti-American energy policy, he is making all his oil company friends more generous donors to his campaign.  

This will not get any better unless the tumor is removed from our cancer:




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