–  The Bottom Line  –

There's two reasons why mind reading will become one of the greatest breakthroughs of all time.

Number One:  Imagine no more courts, lawyers and judges!  That's right.  No more self serving gaming of the truth and real justice by egotistical, inept, untalented, creatively challenged and narcissistic lawyers and judges.   Set the defendant or the opposing parties down and simply read their minds for the answers needed to settle all matters be they criminal, civil or otherwise.

Number Two:  Need a vacation that is beyond your budget?  Better yet, how would you like to fulfill your most exciting fantasies anytime you want without breaking the bank, going to jail, or  even leaving your house?  A virtual vacation via programmed dreams!  And all you have to do is hook up the electrodes and go to sleep.  We all know how realistic our dreams are so just take a moment and imagine virtual time travel, your wildest fantasies and your most unspeakable desires all programmable as you like for as long as you like…and all available at your fingertips… 

OK. Snap out of it!  Here's the latest breakthrough in this exciting science:

Modern day telepathy? Scientists develop method for reconstructing thoughts




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