–  The Bottom Line  –

Back around 1986 I started learning about the personal computer.  I was learning to program.  You had to write your own programs then.  There was a software called ‘DBase’ which was a language which you used to write simple data base apps for your business.  Very difficult and time consuming.  Most people wouldn’t even attempt it. This was before Windows. You can visit software articles for the best knowledge of software.

At the time I can remember thinking what a waste this desktop PC was.  There was nothing really practical that you could use it for!  

Then Bill Gates paid a ‘friendly’ visit to Steve Jobs and stole his idea of a ‘graphical interface’ (someone else like a ‘Microsoft’ writes all the programming language and then you just click icons with a mouse – short & sweet) and Windows was born and ‘the rest is history.’

As I sit at my laptop everyday and browse the internet and write posts like this one, I am still is awe of this whole experience.  In a matter of seconds, I can send a message to the whole world at a mere click of the ‘Enter’ key.  It is nothing less than Magical!

Here’s a little graphic that shows what happens in a mere 60 seconds on the Internet.  Click on the pic to enlarge it.  


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