It has been over 3 years since I filed the patent application for The FoodWandTM   On Friday March 23 I received notice from The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) that my patent has been approved! – This is great news but now for The Bottom Line:

“I'm a risk taker. I get up in the morning knowing that I'm either going to have a spectacular win or loss that is going to be exciting. I prefer the former but either is more appealing than the warm death of mediocrity.”

Allow me to take some liberty and say that the need, the practicality and most important of all, the market base for The FoodWandTM  is greater than about 70% of all retail products currently in the marketplace.  This indeed is a big plus, BUT:

This is The Bottom Line: The uniqueness, value, appeal and potential of my invention is now subject to the same laws of nature that ALL good and needed inventions are subject to.   (Only 1 out of 100 patented products make money.)

First, if it's like 99% of patents, this patent will have cost me a lot of money and time for nothing; I will remain financially poor.  But if I am indeed LUCKY with this invention, I will make a hell of a lot of money when it hits the market and for years after.  It is that simple. 

If you disagree or are confused, not to worry.  'The laws of nature' reference is pretty simple concept to grasp, but because it is one of if not the most important matters in all of our lives, it merits it's own post:  SEE – A REVELATION!

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