– The Bottom Line  –

“If It Weren’t For Bad Luck, I’d Have No Luck At All

Odds are that you either believe in God or you don’t.  The ancient Greeks believed in many Gods and there’s still a few groups/cults around the world who worship animals, statues, you name it.  But the majority of people still believe in one God.  Well believers, here’s a revelation for you:

Preface:  THE most important word in any Language: LUCK.  Some people have a lot of it and some have very little.

Some people work and slave all their lives and end up with nothing, others do very little and end up with more than anyone could ever deserve.

Some have the ‘Midas touch’, some don’t.  For every ‘smart’ businessperson who has made millions, there are millions of business persons who are not only much smarter, but have made little or have even failed. 

Now having the burden of being ‘The Bottom Line Guy’ means that I of course have to get to the ‘bottom’ of this phenomenon.  I can not just simply say that some are lucky and some are not.  There has to be a reason or explanation, and it is my duty to not only figure it out, but to share it with similar great minds like yours…

The Revelation:  Perhaps the easiest way to explain is to use a a conversation I had with our family Preacher when he came to visit with us.  It went something like this:

Me:  Father, I bet they didn’t teach you in the Seminary that there are 2 Gods.

Father:  What are you talking about?  You are a Christian, you know there is only one God The Father, one God the creator of Heaven and Earth.

Me;  Well that may be true indeed but there is also a second God. 

Father:  I don’t understand what you mean.

Me:  You see Father, there are 2 Gods.  One is The Family God.  He has been more than good to me.  I had a wonderful childhood blessed with great and loving parents.  Then I grew up and he blessed me with a terrific wife and 4 beautiful children.

Father:  Yes you have been blessed, so how can you say there is another God?

Me:  Well Father, since I was 10 years old and had a paper route, I have worked hard and created many things and businesses, some of which would have made others very wealthy, but not me.  After all the years, I am financially poor.  There can be only one explanation as to why I have been so lucky with my personal life and not so lucky with my business life; there is a Personal God and there is a Business God!

Father: William, do you do drugs?

Me:  Of course not.

Father:  Than what the heck are you talking about?

Me:  It makes perfect sense.  Some people are lucky in their personal lives, others are lucky in their business lives, while still others are lucky in both!   Take my case for example.  The Personal God is taking good care of me while my Business God is either asleep or no where to be found! 

Father:  Have you had a checkup lately?

Me:  There can be no question that there is a Business God, just look at guys like Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, or of course Hugh Hefner.  I mean can you get any luckier in business at such an early age having ‘toiled’ so little?   How about guys like Saddam Hussein or Barack Obama.  Became so rich and so powerful because of what?  All you have to do to see how lucky these guys were is just simply check their resumes!   The only answer is that their Business God blessed them with luck and the Midas touch.   And these are just a few examples, the list can fill a book.

Father:  William, you need to start coming to church.

Me:  Father, you know I have Faith but I also believe in what I see and experience.  And after 60 years life has shown me over and over again; There is a Personal God and there is a Business God!   And how lucky you are depends on how lucky they want you to be…

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