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Let's take a wild guess.  I would say that in America in the year 2012, for every white racist there are at least 100 black racists.  No, I'm being too conservative.  It's more like 1000 to 1.  That's right.  There are at least 1000 back racists to every white racist now in America.  It didn't happen over night and it didn't happen because blacks are more prone to hate.   It happened because of a few despicable people and groups like The Black Panthers and The Nation of Islam.

Racism is not anything you're born with.  It's something that requires education or influence or plain old propaganda spawn from other racists.  Since the civil rights movement in the 1960s, many have profited from using the race card.  And that of course brings us to the Racist-in-Chief and his elite group of disgraceful race mongers; Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and of course the Main Stream Media.  

The Elite Race Mongers surrounding 17-yr-old killer Shawn Tyson who shot 2 'white' boys in cold blood

Barack Hussein Obama was elected President simply because he was (half) black.  Spin it all you want but the reality is that Hillary Clinton (not that it would be much better)  would be President now if Obama didn't have a black skinned father.

Jackson and Sharpton are despicable race mongers who have labored all their lives to insure their own power and fame at the cost of every good black man, woman and child. 

Of all three, Jesse Jackson is my pick to be the most shameful black person in American history.  He grew up beside the great Martin Luther King Jr. and was his confident.  As much as MLK did, including giving his life, for black people, Jackson has diminished the black family and community twice as much.  MLK would be disgraced at the actions of Jesse Jackson, the KKK would be grateful…

The latest expose on these racist scum bags is the Trayvon Martin case.  Of course as usual the BDM (Brain Dead Media) is their enabler once again insuring that the race card trumps any truth or justice. 

Incredible how none of these racists pay any attention to all of the poor black kids that are murdered DAILY by other black kids!  And of course never a mention about blacks killing whites which by the way happens about 20 times more than whites killing blacks!  

And then there's that little annoying fact that Zimmerman is a Latino, not white.  But then again we never let these little truths come in the way of the racist agenda.  Isn't that right Ms. Dunham?

Barack Obama's father and 'white' mother, Ann Dunham.

Here's the latest 'Untold Story' on a real racist killing:

Parents Of Murdered British Students Criticize President Obama’s Silence

Posted on March 30, 2012 by Mike Opelka

Why did President Obama speak up about the Trayvon Martin case, but he has remained silent about last year’s brutal killing of two British students who were vacationing in Florida? That’s what the parents of James Cooper and James Kouzaris are wondering.

Almost a year ago, Cooper and Kouzaris were shot in cold blood by 17-yr-old Shawn Tyson despite begging for their lives. Tyson killed them anyway, and yesterday he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. ….

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