–  The Bottom Line  –

How many of us yearn for the days when men were men?  OK maybe not all of us, but 98.9% will do…  

Well we can still watch Clarke Gable and John Wayne movies or we can just watch clips of  Colonel Alan West.  Yea I know, he's a Congressman now and should be addressed so but Alan West deserves the respect that comes with his military rank, a respect earned by 20 years of military service and pledging his life for his country.  A respect that few Congressman have earned or even come close to.

Second question; How many of us are sick and tired of hearing about homosexuals?  OK  again 98.9%.  What a coincidence; it looks like the 1.1% who answered 'no' to the 2 questions here is the same percentage of – you guessed it!

The BDM, (Brain Dead Media) has pushed the homosexual's agenda ad infinitum now for decades and frankly it gets me sick.   No one wants to hear about the desires and demands of a group of selfish perverts.  But day after day, the BDM brings it into our living rooms along with the big lie about racism which died long ago in our country.  

Now we bring in Colonel Alan West.  When it comes to a brilliant and informed orator, this man is in a special class.  His knowledge combined with his speaking eloquence, his patriotism and his traditional values and common sense, makes him a much needed 'light at the end of the tunnel' in American leadership.

Here's a great example of how West handles the BDM and insures that America and Americans best interests are always the priority and never will take a back seat to minutia and special interests that the BDM wants to elevate and promote.

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