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Civil Disobedience – Now We're Talking!

New movement around the country is going viral: people are not showing up in court and saying, if Obama did not show up and the judge did nothing, why should we show up in court. New form of civil disobedience to end the occupation of this nation by the usurper Obama.

On January 26, 2012 a precedent was set in an Atlanta, Georgia courtroom which in essence, from that day on, made it optional for any American to answer or attend any court mandated hearing or trial!  You heard it right.  On that day in a small courtroom in Georgia;

President Barack Obama and his attorney refused to appear for a trial despite subpoenas requiring his attendance and documents as well as a letter from the Georgia Secretary of State saying their failure to appear would be at their peril.

The charges against Obama, of his ineligibility to be on the Georgia ballot, are insignificant to the fact that he failed to appear.   Barack H. Obama did not appear as ordered by the court.  There was no motions or laws that were used in his defense for any postponement or dismissal.    By not appearing he was in contempt of court, pure and simple. 

In these cases where a defendant does not show up at a scheduled hearing or trial, he would automatically forfeit his right to a defense and would lose the case.  That is and has been the law since the beginning and everyone knows it.

Apparently, not only has Obama suspended the Constitution and the rule of law, but in doing so has set a precedent in the courtrooms of America.  ( That is of course if us 'non-lawyers' feel we have equal rights; which of course we don't.)

From Presidential candidate Leah Lax in Pennsylvania comes this: 

“Since Obama set a precedence with people not showing up and no defense.  It’s going viral here in Pa and the Judges are not happy.  They are writing the Judges Obama didn’t show so why should we.

So more and more people are not showing up for any governmental hearings.   If you are prosecuted, you can claim discrimination. we are equal under the law.  Instead of showing up for trial, have someone show up with a transcript from the Georgia trial documenting this precedent that now is standing in Federal courts, that contempt of court is not being prosecuted. 

Another day in the life of The Muslim President and another crack in the foundation of America.


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