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Alan West – A League Of His Own

My conservative heart flutters when he speaks the truth that everyone else is afraid to say, and he does it so unabashedly.   In my opinion, there is no one else in Congress in his league right now. – rightscoop

–  The Bottom Line  –

Honesty, integrity, character, and fortitude.  Twenty years serving his country in the military while putting his life on the line in multiple wars.   Unlike the doublespeak of the 'Lawyer Class' that runs the government,  Colonel West speaks eloquently and honestly; and he actually has taken time to study and understand what he is talking about!

This man is America's 'Light at the end of the tunnel.'   Let's pray we can celebrate President Alan West ASAP.    

Colonel West always manages to 'hit the nail on the head' when confronted by the BDM (brain dead media).  In this video interview, while standing his ground as usual, he fires this direct shot at the BDM interviewer;

"It's very interesting that the people on the left are not debating the point that I made, they just don't like the fact that it was made"  –  Alan West



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