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Here we go again with the 'Girly Men' of the media and government so outraged at our soldiers.   How dare they pose with dead suicide bombers during a war?   I mean these poor subhumans were only looking to blow up a few women, children and of course Americans for Allah!    And how dare they burn the enemy handbook?    And how dare they bomb the enemy hiding out in Mosques?    And how dare they torture the enemy just to save Americans?    And how dare they – etc. – ad infinitum…? 

Every damn one of these gutless wimps should have to spend  just one week in the horror of war;

Of course like most of America's problems and weaknesses, the root of this nonsense is that we are no longer controlled by leaders but by lawyers.   They now control all three branches of government and they have just about taken over total command of the military.   Does anyone think that any real General or Military Soldier of any rank would actually set down these "Rules of Engagement" during a real life WAR?   Of course not but now in the days of PC wars the Generals now have to check with the lawyers on how to 'properly' wage war.

Click to see: The War Without A General.

And it gets worse by the day with a Muslim President whose only appreciation for America is for all the free vacations and golfing he and his ungrateful wife can get from it.   

Here's the latest take from Jeffrey T. Kuhner over at The Washington Times:

Obama’s disastrous war

Only victory president wants to win is his own on Election Day

Posted by Jeffrey T. Kuhner on April 19, 2012

President Obama has lost Afghanistan.  The war is turning into a catastrophic defeat – one that will be worse than Vietnam.  It is time to bring the troops home, and end this national nightmare.  …

Liberalism has made America unable to win a challenging war. Policymakers are obsessed with international opinion and appeasing local sensitivities. The goal of victory has been trumped by multiculturalism. U.S. soldiers have been fighting under strict rules of engagement, enabling the Taliban to hide in civilian-populated areas with impunity. American military leaders regularly apologize – almost grovel – for behavior common in every major war. Four U.S. troops urinated on dead Taliban bodies. Copies of the Koran were inadvertently burned at a U.S. base. The latest scandal involves U.S. soldiers posing for pictures with the body parts of dead suicide bombers. Our leaders do all they can to immediately placate the enemy.

“This is not who we are, and it’s certainly not who we represent when it comes to the great majority of men and women in uniform who are serving there,” said Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta.

Really? Tell that to the “Greatest Generation,” which crushed Nazi Germany and fascist Japan. American forces used flame throwers to smoke out Japanese kamikaze fighters hiding in caves. Many were burned alive; others were severely disfigured. As retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters has pointed out, many GIs sent Japanese skulls as war gifts to their girlfriends or wives back home. Also, America carpet-bombed Dresden, killing thousands of German civilians. Had we applied today’s rules of engagement to World War II, Hitler and Tojo would never have been defeated.   …

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