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Ladies Beware! – New APP Coming…

 – New Mobile Phone Allows Perverts to See Through Your Clothes –

… With the decadence of American society and prevalence of perverts walking around, you know darn well that there will be those individuals who will use this technology with their cell phones looking through the clothes of women and possibly taking their photos as well.

This could well amount to the ultimate invasion of privacy as no one will know who or when someone will be looking through their clothes at their naked bodies.  The very concept turns Big Brother Watching into Big Brother Peeping.  Now someone needs to develop a fabric that will block the terahertz peeper technology in order to keep our wives and daughters from becoming the innocent object of some pervert.


Ladies Beware – New Mobile Phone Allows Perverts to See Through Your Clothes

Posted by Giacono on April 23, 2012

I remember when I was a kid and watched Superman on televsion and wondered what it would be like to have his X-ray vision and see through walls.  Then there were the cartoons where someone had x-ray glasses that could see someone’s skeleton.  I remember the other boys in the neighborhood saying they wanted a set of x-ray glasses to see through the girls’ dresses.

Well, those perverted wishes are about to become a reality thanks to a new high technology computer chip being developed by researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas.

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