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"The War on Terror is Over."  First  he instructed us not to mention the enemy by name and now he's telling us there is no enemy.   Barack Obama is handing the 'keys to the kingdom' to Islam.   Osama Bin Laden was a boy scout compared to the damage that Barack Obama has now ordained for this country and the world. 

It was never a war on terror.  Terror goes back even before Islam and will be here as long as mortals roam the earth.  By labeling it "The War on Terror", we gave the enemy a disguise in which it could operate under in full view; anywhere it chose.   In essence, we gave the enemy an advantage that almost insures their victory.   You could say that we handed them 'the stone to take down Goliath.' 

Any one who understands life knows that we are and never will be at war with 'terror.'   George W. Bush is primarily to blame for this insane label that gives the enemy cover to operate with impunity everywhere.  If we survive, history will condemn Bush and rightly so.  This absurd denial of reality will go down as one of if not the worst and ill fated decisions ever made by a President. 

Terror is an instrument used to communicate fear or to advance an agenda.  Although on different ends of the spectrum, the law has the same purpose. Laws are mostly enacted by civilized society vs. terror by selfish and barbaric losers in life.   Laws can and have shared a fine line with terror and in the wrong hands laws are much more powerful a weapon as we have witnessed under Obama.  

And so now we have Barack Obama calling an end to "the war on terror."  Most sane people understand that he is saying 'we don't have to worry about Islamists any more.'   

So after 1400 years of conquest and destruction, Barack Obama says the jihad is over.  

He does indeed stick to the Muslim playbook.  Among the many weapons of the jihad as outlined in the Koran, deceit is the one used most often.   Obama wants us to not pay any attention as the Islamists plan their next attack and our demise. 

Either we get rid of this traitor in November or we can start to pass out the prayer rugs on November 7, 2012.

BENADOR: America Betrayed: Obama Legitimizes Muslim Terrorism

Posted by Eliana Behador on April 26, 2012

… Without much ado, in an amazing abuse of power, the Hussein Obama tyranny together with his administration, and in their usual quiet way, have announced via a senior State Department official, simply, that the war on terror is over. Bush handed over the power to Obama.  Now, we can appreciate how they are not so different, they share a striking affinity: their love for the Muslim world.  Bush’s love was in line with his family business interests, and Obama’s is in line with his religious-political inclinations.

Note to Hussein Obama

 Memory is an attribute given by God to mankind. Oral traditions have existed ever since man appeared and no one need pen or paper at all.  One can “erase” anything physically speaking.  But no one can erase memory.  

Who can be so naive to think or hope that Americans will ever forget it was Islam, its Koran and their Muslim terrorists -who want to wage Jihad against us and our beloved country, America?  We will also never forget that the Muslim people have never stopped the terrorism coming from them -and that makes them all accomplices.

And America has a president whose goal has been to “legitimize Islam and Muslim terrorism” who have caused massacres against our innocent civilian population.

On 9/11 Muslim terrorists attacked America, they blew themselves screaming “Allah hu aqbar!”

America will never forget that.

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What Congress? Obama frees $192M to Muslim ‘Palestine’

Posted on by creeping

So bin Laden was reportedly killed on Obama’s watch. Meanwhile, he’s neutered intelligence agencies, DOD, and law enforcement stacking them with subversives and is wasting taxpayer dollars by the billions on all-things Muslim. Bypassing Congress at will with no repercussions. From Freedom to Fascism, via Obama lifts freeze on $192 million aid package to Palestinian Authority | The Times of Israel. ….


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