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It is no accident or coincidence that Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide.   But Islamic teaching contains a justification for the practice, and no one dares speak against something that is taught in Islam.  …

Of course the sixty-four thousand dollar question is how many Islamic atrocities do I have to post;  how many people have to be blown up, how many young girls have to have their faces acidified,  how many videos of beheadings or stonings, how many children have to have bombs strapped on them by their own mother,  how many school children have to be blown up in a school bus,  how many kids have to die in their grade school classroom by a bomb laden with nails,  how many Christians have to be slaughtered as they pray on Christmas eve in their church,  how many more girls like Jessica Mokedad have to be killed by their own father or brother or even mother.   How many will it take before the West wakes up out of it's suicidal stupor and proclaims Islam persona non grata in the civilized world.    How Many?  How Many??

Muslim gets 17 years for brutally murdering daughter with axe

The 53-year-old Pakistani man who killed his 16-year-old daughter, Swera, at their home in Zurich-Höngg in 2010 has been sentenced to 17 years imprisonment.

The Zurich District Court found the father guilty of murder, and concluded that although it had not been an honour killing in the sense most commonly understood, the man had killed his daughter “to get out of a humiliating situation and to restore his honour”.   …

Once back at their apartment Swera said she wanted to leave home permanently and started to pack a bag. She then went down to the basement of the building to get a pair of shoes. While she was gone, her father allegedly retrieved an axe from the balcony and hid it in the bedroom he shared with his wife.

Once she was back in the apartment, the girl went into her parents' bedroom to pick up some of her belongings. When she bent down to retrieve some items from the wardrobe, her father hit her with the axe on the back of the head, the prosecutor says. The man struck his daughter 19 times with the axe: 12 times with the blade and seven with the blunt end.

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