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Full disclosure:  Ross Perot was the 1st candidate for President that I ever voted for.   There remains no doubt in my mind that he would have been our best President since Lincoln.  There also is no doubt that he didn't stand a chance because in this era of 'American Idol Vote', he didn't fit 'the casting call.'

Last week Perot was honored by none other than our Military!  Imagine?  Does it get any more prestigious than to be honored by the most honorable?  Keep your Oscars, your Emmys and the countless other self praising entertainment awards.   This is even better than the Congressional Medal of Honor when you consider the people behind it…

It's a shame that we will never see a true American patriot like Ross Perot take The White House because he's 'not cool and good looking enough'.  The latest example of this reality is Newt Gingrich.  Totally qualified, totally experienced, brilliant with a proven track record.  It all means nothing in the era of the American Idol voter.   Let's pray this era ends before the country does…

Here's the story on a great tribute to an All American:



G.I. Film Festival Thanks Ross Perot for His Service, Military Donations

Hollywood and New York are known for hosting “star-studded” galas, events where often vacuous but popular actors and actresses line the red carpet for piranha-like paparazzi.

A near-sellout crowd of real heroes and supporters gathered Monday at the start of this year's G.I. Film Festival to honor legendary businessman and military supporter extraordinaire Ross Perot and view perhaps the festival's most emotional film to date, "Chosin."

Perot has never forgotten his simple Texas roots or the sacrifices of America’s fighting men and women, especially those in the elite Special Operation community. Part of that appreciation is due to his service as a U.S. Naval Academy graduate where he was a standout cadet. The rest comes from his innate humanity and love of country – and those who fight for it.

A stand-up patriot and standout business man, Perot is well known for organizing and financing the rescue of two of his EDS company executives who were imprisoned by Iran in 1979.

Yet on Monday night it was his selfless devotion to seriously wounded veterans and their families that took center stage. For decades, Perot has quietly spent very large sums of his own money for everything from additional top-notch medical care for wounded warriors to memorials honoring Special Operations units and legends.

One former White House aide who served under Karl Rove in the Bush administration described to the dinner audience how when it comes to helping veterans and active duty military, “Ross Perot just won’t take no for an answer.”

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