–  The Bottom Line  –

There's not too many people outside of family that can bring tears to my eyes when I learn they pass on.  Donna Summer is one of them.

There are many famous people that have come and gone, but there's something about the special ones that's hard to define.  The talent is surely one aspect but not the most important.  The perfect example is Michael Jackson.  He has to be one of the most talented performers in history,  Not even The King, Elvis Presley, comes close to Jackson's talent and abilities to deliver a performance.  Yet he was distant as a fellow human being.

So what is it that can get you so endeared to someone that you never even met?   Like love,  it has to be pure emotion that comes from a gut feeling deep down inside.   It's kind of like when you fall in love.  Try to explain it, you can't. 

Like a beautiful sexy woman, a talented artist has to have more than what your eyes tell you or else the appeal is superficial.  Our love and emotions are 'high security zones' that only allow deep affections entrance 'deep down inside.'    

Like many,  I grew up with LaDonna Adrian Gaines, known by the stage name Donna Summer.   So her passing is another stark reminder of those youthful days gone by and our own mortality on this too short journey we call life.   But many of the stars I grew up with have gone on and although sad, there were no watery eyes. 

Donna summer was a great talent and from what I read a real good human being.   So maybe it's the 'real good human being' that came across and made it's way into that 'high security zone.'    For whatever reasons, Donna Summer made the grade in her life, my life and millions of others.  God Bless.

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