Townhall has chosen Florida GOP Rep. Allen West to grace the cover of our June issue!           'Allen West: The New Face of American Black Leadership'

–  The Bottom Line  –

Bullcrap!  It's time for Townhall to hire a new editor.  Alan West is not the 'New Face of American Black Leadership'  – Alan West is 'The New Face of American Leadership'; period.

When will this damn childishness and stupidity stop?   How weak and stupid are 'the good guys' that they play by the game rules of 'the bad guys' instead of setting the rules straight once and for all so that they even have a chance of 'winning the game.'

Townhall, a preeminent conservative media establishment, is now in the running for the Poster Child for how and why conservative and traditional America is losing their country.  

Why on earth would Townhall label Alan West a 'black' American thus giving ammunition to the ever effective divisive propaganda machine of the 'bad guys?'

What happened to 'we're all Americans?'  What happened to 'we are a color blind society?'   What happened to the dream of MLK?   Well these positive realities don't help the progressive/liberal/bad guys.  They play the game of divide and conquer and they're damn good at it.  And the reason they're so damn good at it is because the conservative/traditional/good guys are so bad at it.

Remember when a queer was queer and a whore was a whore?   Now one is 'gay' and the other is a 'woman's activist.'   Who gave these immoral few the license to change our language?   Better yet, why the hell did the majority just go along with it like a flock of sheep???  

Yes it's called 'political correctness' but even that IS A LIE!   Think about it.  'Political'  suggests 'the body politic' which in most circles means the people of the country.  And 'Correctness' obviously is what it is;  things that are right versus things that are wrong: Incorrectness.'  Now I'll take the bet at any odds that most Americans view MOST 'politically correct' labels as NOT in line with their vision or interpretation of what they believe.  In 'plain English; Most Politically 'Correct' speech is exactly the opposite;  Politically INCORRECT!

Point being; even the obvious lying and labeling of this Political Incorrectness is accepted by the weak and stupid 'good guys' as being politically 'correct.'  

Result:  The 'bad guys' control the language and therefore control the debate which means they win the debate and 'go home with the prize.'

And so it goes with this 'black' American label.  And you wonder why the 'bad guys' can count on 90% of the 'black' vote.   Because the 'blacks' are NOT Americans; they are "black Americans."

Personally I've just about had it with the ignorance, the naivety and weakness of the 'good guys' to stand up and fight.   I'm ashamed of my generation who have lived off the fat of the land that millions of brave Americans fought and died for over the last 200 plus years.

Will America have to turn into Sodom and Gomorrah before they wake up?  .  


Whoever Controls the Language Controls the Debate

Posted on May 18, 2012 by The Godfather

If you can control the language, you can control ideas. By controlling ideas, you can control the way people think and act. Before Frank Schaeffer went over to the Dark Side, he had some good things to say about how liberals think and act. His analysis of language is still applicable: “Think of the use of labels to categorize political activity. Some labels are used to neutralize the actions of certain groups; others denote being ‘one of us,’ acceptable. The words ‘right wing,’ ‘fundamentalist,’ ‘pro-life,’ ‘absolutist,’ and ‘deeply religious,’ are put-downs more than categories. Conversely, think of the unspoken pat on the back and blessing that the following words convey: ‘moderate,’ ‘pluralistic,’ ‘liberal,’ ‘civil libertarian,’ ‘pragmatic,’ and ‘enlightened.”[1]

Consider the following list:

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