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Joe Walsh-R-Illinois: The Real Deal

–  The Bottom Line  –

[1]Finally!  A break from the boring pundits on display on 'The O'Reilly Factor' every night.  Finally!  A real American who actually speaks English instead of Law School Swahili.  Finally!  An American man with balls who doesn't give an inch to the PC embedded 'Fair and Balanced' mantra of Fox News and O'Reilly's desperation to make sure wrong and evil are given equal time.  And Finally, the truth be told about Jackson, Sharpton and the Democratic Narcissist Party who have just about ruined the black family in America. 

Bravo Rep. Joe Walsh.  So now it's Alan West and Joe Walsh.  Two MEN out of 535 members of Congress.  Gloria Steinham must be proud….











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