–  The Bottom Line  –

This would be very funny if it were not so dam true…  In This short clip, Rush Limbaugh opines that Obama is becoming the Celebrity of the United States and becoming the Kim Kardashian of the Presidency.   I have to disagree with Rush here.  Obama is not 'becoming' the  Celebrity in Chief, he always has been.  Anyone who cares to admit it will tell you that a very sizable portion of the American electorate has an American Idol mindset.  Policies, experience, wisdom, and everything else necessary for leadership take a back set to looks, appeal and personality.   Obama was elected because of his Kim Kardashian type credentials.  It was his looks and physical appeal that got him elected. not any talent or experience.

Attention Chris Mathews:

When you grow up and your brain develops, this is what will cause a "…Thrill Going Up My Leg"

Everyone agrees that Kim Kardashian is famous because of her looks and appeal.  She has no visible talent or life experience to offer.  She has become a sort of poster child for celebrity based on no achievement.  With this in mind and considering the background and experience of candidate Obama, it could be said that Obama was Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian was Kim Kardashian!     And as far as the poster child goes, I'm sure Kim won't mind when history establishes Barack Hussein Obama as the American poster child for celebrity with a zero resume.

I hope I haven't offended Kim Kardashian.   Her beauty and appeal is qualification enough to be famous.  And that's just fine; these credentials have there place.   But these credentials do not qualify anyone to be even an assistant principle at an elementary school; nevertheless President of The United States!   



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