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That's right Americans, you bailed out GM to the tune of 50 BILLION DOLLARS and this is what you get for it.   Be sure to have a barf bag close by when you watch this video.   This assclown treasonous SOB CEO of GM named Dan Akerson actually has the audacity to give this speech of how the 'Great American Car Company' now 'boasts' making 70% of their cars 'outside of The United States!  And that's just the beginning!

What else would you expect from a guy appointed by the Obama regime?

And the new GM chairman Dan Akerson was appointed by Obama after he fired the other chairman.  Akerson now says that GM will open up 600 dealerships in China.  So did the American taxpayer bailout and American company doing the majority of its business in the United States or did it bail out a foreign based company investing in foreign lands? 
Remember one thing. The strings are being pulled here by Obama. Akerson is his man. This is not a private company making private decisions for its stockholders. The President is calling the shots here.

Is Dan Akerson Driving GM Off a Cliff?

Submitted by Peter Flaherty on Fri, 02/04/2011

The reality is that GM seems to be making the same mistakes all over again. Less than two years after the government's historic $50 billion taxpayer bailout of the Detroit automaker, now forever known as "Government Motors", the troubled company installed its fourth CEO, Dan Akerson – another "finance guy" to be sure, but far more concerning to GM's long-term health, also a creature of Washington.

Akerson is a former telecom exec turned private equity guy who was installed at GM by political operatives in the Obama White House. While there's little question that Akerson has his talents, they most assuredly aren't in the car-making business (as even he is quick to admit). No, Akerson's talents are in private equity finance – or more accurately, politically-connected private equity finance. Though, experience at Advanced Telecom Systems may be a great benefit.

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