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Of Course They Knew – Here’s The Video!

–  The Bottom Line  –

Anyone who has doubts about whether or not Obama and Holder knew all along about Fast & Furious should turn around and follow the same 'yellow brick road' back to reality.  These people would still believe that Nixon knew nothing about the Watergate break-in, and that was child's play compared to this disgraceful blunder.

Not only did they both know, but they are both lawyers which means that they inherently believe that it really doesn't matter one way or the other; because they are above the law.  And can you blame them?  Their 'Lawyer Class' makes the laws, administers the laws, interprets the laws and enforces the laws.  In other words, for those of you who still don't get it, THEY ARE THE LAW ! 

America: Land of Laws = Land of Lawyers [1]  –  It’s Their Game & They Make the Rules [2]


Right from the inception of Fast & Furious in 2009 they knew.  Just use your common sense; would you ever implement such a drastic plan without running it by and getting approval from your boss?  Here's the evidence 'in living color' being presented by those closest to Obama and Holder.

This is something I put together from a March 2009 press conference where gun walking/tracing was announced not only as an issue very important to the president, but directed by the president in conjunction with Attorney General Eric Holder:  HT – therightscoop.com


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