–  The Bottom Line  –

#1 Racist of All Time – Michael Jackson * 

#2 Racist of all Time: KKK – Al Sharpton – Jessie Jackson **

#3 Racist of all Time: Colin Powell ***

#4 #14,000,000:  85% of the 95% of African Americans who voted for Obama ****

* – Michael Jackson was hands down the most talented entertainer of all time.  Personally though he was indeed ‘not your average guy.’  But unfortunately and with lament, he has to be the #1 racist because of his own actions to rid himself of his heritage as a black man; 1. He had his skin color whitened, 2. He had his nose thinned, 3. He has his hair straightened, 4. He only ‘married’ white women, 5. He only has white children,  6. His best and closest friends were white; Macaulay Culkin, Elizabeth Taylor and Mark Lester.

** A Three Way Tie between The Klu Klux Klan, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson needs no explanation.

*** – Colin Powell‘s despicable endorsement of a the least experienced non military Barack Obama over the prisoner of war veteran and Senator John McCain seals his position as the #3 Racist of All Time.  There can be no other reason for him throwing an honored veteran and experienced Senator under the bus for the most unqualified candidate of all time.

**** – Most African Americans who voted for Obama in 2008 – A total of about 15,559,000 blacks voted for Obama is 2008.  That’s 95% of black voters!   To try be conservative and give them the benefit of the doubt, we will subtract 10% of them as voting for Obama without taking his skin color as a factor.   That leaves about 14 million whose respect and regard for their country took a back seat to their prejudice.  And there can be no better proof of this than this video:

Howard Stern exposes uninformed racist Obama voters

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