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How sadly ironic is it that the people that are primarily responsible for the achievements of mankind are now so blind and stupid that it borders on suicidal? 

And to 'pour salt on the wound', the people that are have achieved near nothing for mankind are slowly taking over right before their eyes and will inherit all of the accomplished genius of modern man.  Wait, I am being to PC.  Not only has this group of people that are poised to inherit everything not contributed, in fact they are widely recognized as the most destructive and hate filled group in the history of civilization.    But 'let's give the devil his due' ; while Jews and 'white people' are whining about the expensive of raising children,  Muslims are having more and more children and guess who's picking up the tab?

I'll let Michael Charles Master explain the population dynamics:

White women average .9 births per woman which is less than half the number to replace each man and woman as they age and die.   Muslims average 5+ births per woman.   Jews average .3 births per woman.  
Within 50 years, the Muslim population of the world will grow from 1.1 billion to 2.2 billion, the white population will shrink from 800 million to 400 million, and the current 13 million Jews in the entire world will shrink to 5 million.  
Jews and white people are really stupid.    Jews will soon be extinct.     
If no children, then no future.  
The low birth rate to white women is the number one root cause to all the economic problems in the western world.   Social Security shortfalls, increasing healthcare costs per person in an aging society, reduced demand for housing and related products, immigration increases.  
We need to be asking why have the births for white women and Jews decreased so dramatically in the last 40 years and what can we do as a nation to correct it?   
For More Information Read Mr. Master's Books


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