–  The Bottom Line  –

The military are THE ONLY ONES who can honestly say that they 'are in public service.'  (If I'm around and some lawyer/liar/politician says that he is a "public servant' I will do my best to puke all over him…) 

And if our military heroes don't have the right to 'freedom of speech' then just throw out the whole Constitution and bring on Sodom & Gamorrah…  The fact that there is even a discussion rather the Navy Seals 'have the right to speak up on political issues' (the bin Laden book) is testament as to the absolute dominance of the Anti-American – Progressive propaganda machine and how it totally controls debate in America including even the military.

The latest chapter is this billboard in Texas that reads:

Looks like maybe we need the guy who produced this billboard and the Navy Seals to run the GOP, or better yet; how about we start a new Party with the platform created by those who sacrifice most for us; The Navy Seals



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