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Ron Paul – The Ignorance That Keeps Islam Alive

–  The Bottom Line  –

Ron Paul is one of the easiest politicians to define.  The man is spot on when he talks about the economy and he is a total jackass when it comes to foreign affairs.  It's even worse.  It's OK to not be studied on foreign affairs but this guy takes ignorance to a dangerous level.  It is his kind of total disregard for the facts and the history that Islam relies on to exist. 

[1]It is this kind of suicidal ignorance that gives Islam a platform from which to carry out it's 1400 year mission to exterminate all infidels.  It is this kind of ignorance that is responsible for over 270 MILLION DEAD [2] since Mohamed first lead his cult of death.  It is this kind of Ignorance that is responsible for almost 20,000 Deadly Islamic Terrorist attacks [3] since 9/11.   And Yes Mr. Paul, it is this kind of ignorance that IS responsible for 3000 Americans being butchered on September 11, 2001.


Ron Paul thinks 9/11 was the result of America's policies towards the Islamic world.  Of course he doesn't even consider the money and the lives America has spent over the last 5 decades to defend Islamic countries.  Of course he doesn't even consider the reality that Islam carries out it's deadly attacks every day of the year in just about every country on earth.  Of course he doesn't even consider the stated goals, available on You Tube, that Islam wants to kill all Christians and Jews and anyone else who doesn't worship Allah; no matter where they live. The list goes on and on…  last but not least; we need to ask Ron Paul; how did America's policies anger the Muslins for 1200 years before America even existed???


I don't mind stupidity.  But when it endangers my family and my country, I have no patience for it.  So Mr. Ron Paul, you need to step down from the political stage.  As a doctor you have sworn to save lives.   So honor the oath you took when you became a doctor and stop spreading this disease of ignorance.  It is like a deadly cancer that consumes the mind until the body dies or in this case; is killed….  

And just one side note.  Everyone comments about how dedicated his supporters are.  Did it ever cross anyone's mind that this is very unusual being that most of Ron Paul's supporters are young?  Since when is the favorite candidate for the young an old white guy?  This answer is easy;  since the old white guy wanted to legalize drugs.   If Ron Paul was against drug legalization, he'd be just another old guy who would never have made the GOP Primary, especially with his warped foreign policy mindset.

Here's Ron Paul's latest absurd remark.

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