'The die was cast in 632 AD when Mohammed built the first mosque in Medina. It became an inviolable and enduring precedent. Using the mosque as a base of infiltration and invasion, he methodically proceeded to destroy and obliterate all religions and governments throughout the Arabian Peninsula. It was as if some ghoulish monster had risen from the parched desert sands and could only slake its thirst by feeding on blood. It born a toxic formula carried thru to present time – first build mosques then conquer.' – Right Side News

–  The Bottom Line  –

Imagine that during WWII there were almost 2000 Nazi Community Centers located in the USA.  What you say?  'That's ridiculous. Not even one would be allowed, they were the enemy that swore to kill us and control the world,'   

Well today in America we have nearly 2000 mosques.  Now of course most will say that a mosque is a center of worship for the Muslim religion.  The only reply to this naive and suicidal mindset and to those who actually still think that Islam is a religion; 'You better wake up before you never wake up again…'  

Jesus:  'Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing' 

'The Mein Kampf  – Koran is a good analogy except  that one is the ramblings of just another dictator while the other is the “Word of God”.  Starting to see the brilliance of Mohamed here?  You would think that Hitler was smart enough to see why and how  Mohamed’s empire has lasted over 1400 years and is still going strong.  The reason; Mohamed used the ‘pen name’ of Allah.   How ingenious of this ‘prophet of inhumanity’.  I mean think about it .  Anyone can argue with Hitler’s views and opinions but no one dares argue with Allah (GOD !).  If Adolf had been smart, maybe the Germans could have had Nazi churches/temples/mosques here in America during WWII!   How many Japanese temples were allowed in America after Pearl Harbor was attacked in the name of their ‘divine emperor’? – ZERO.   How many mosques are there in America 9 years after we were attacked in the name of  ‘Allah’?  – THOUSANDS.'  –  Read More  

Here's a terrific expose and a must read for all civilized people who need to be awakened before it's too late:

Why Mosques Should Be Shut Down

.… Now the monster of Islamofascism has risen in America with nearly 2000 mosques jeering at us, 80% of them financed by Saudi Arabia, an inimical foreign government, illicitly given trespass upon sovereign soil by our feckless and corrupt leadership besotted by Islamic oil money. The influence of Islamic oil money on America’s leadership is enormous to the extent that we have been “bought and paid for”. Steven Emerson of the “Investigative Project on Terrorism” (IPT) elucidates: “the enemy is advancing, fueled by unparalleled amounts of money, helping the Islamists garner unprecedented support from politicians, government officials, journalists, commentators, academics, and more.” Steven Emerson has compiled a mountain of evidence proving his case.

… There has never been a greater failure in our national security then categorizing mosques as religious edifices rather than enemy encampments of infiltration and subversion.

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