–  The Bottom Line  –

Sooner or later the world will wake up from their slumber and realize how ignorant it has been for so many years.  To begin, as it usually does, America will lead by declaring Islam an enemy of America and the free world.  The President will order all mosques to be closed and a ban on any immigration to anyone who practices the Islamic ideology. 

Also, among the many items previously dismissed by a politically lethargic population, the history books will be revised to reflect that in 2008 America did indeed elect a 'known' Muslim to the White House.  Known because all the evidence was there and the electorate, aided by a blind and partisan media, refused to confront it.  

Chief among the evidence of this will be this video which doesn't even try to make the case but allows Barack Obama himself to do it for them.  A video which Fox News was supposed to run but was 'dropped' at the last minute.  This video, along with all the other evidence leaves no doubt about the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.



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