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Even though I have written about this in ‘Shame on Us’, I just read another article and it still turns my stomach and makes me ashamed to live in this uncivilized country.   The article tells of a mother who had her 9 year old daughter taken from the candy store and driven to the woods

‘where he raped and killed her. Her naked body was found the next day, her body stabbed repeatedly and her throat slashed.’

Tina Curl. pictured with her husband Dave, wants to raise the money to fly from New York to South Dakota to see her nine-year-old daughter Becky’s rapist and killer Donald Moeller executed.

This was in 1990.  He was convicted in 1992 and for 20 years now has been in jail awaiting his execution.  Now let us look at how this translates in the real world.
              1. The costs for a death penalty case are $3 million ($1.3 million in imprisonment, $1.7 million in trial).  (Here)
              2. Out of the 1.7 million dollars spent on trials and appeals, a conservative estimate is that about 1.25 million of that amount is paid to lawyers and judges and the rest in officers, juror and miscellaneous court costs.. To get an attorney see Schibell & Mennie, LLC website
              3.  The convicted murderer is fed 3 times a day and receives full medical benefits for an average of 20 years and at a cost of $1.3 million dollars for each killer. 
              Conclusion:  Each convicted killer cost the taxpayers $3 million dollars. 

“Defense lawyers?  They’ve just made big bucks appealing these things for decades.  It’s unbelievable how much time goes by in here, how slow things go and how little gets done on your case.”    (defense attorneys who)  “use me as a cash cow by wasting the court’s time” – Convicted Murderer Douglas “Chief” Stankewitz on death row now for 34 years…  read more

So the scum in this story has received from the taxpayers over $3 million dollars in benefits because he raped and murdered a 9 year old girl.  And the 9 year old girl and her family, what did they receive?
             1.  The girl is dead at 9 years old for no reason other than a demented piece of shit got horny.
             2.  The mother of this girl will never see her daughter grow up, get married have children etc, etc, etc…
             3.  The family of this girl will be heartbroken for the rest of their lives.  Their world is shattered because of this killer.
As if all of the above is not shame enough for this so called ‘civilized society’, after 22 years of suffering, we now read that the mother had to raise money to travel to the execution because she is poor and in fact STILL OWES MONEY FOR THE GIRL’s FUNERAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The family lawyer in Spokane notes that the lawyers and judges relating to the case made their millions and the scum murderer has had food, housing and medical care for 22 years.  The taxpayers paid 3 million dollars and the victims mother has to raise money to pay off the funeral???????
Are you Fucking kidding me?????
I can not apologize for the language used here.  The only apology warranted here is to God.  For creating this lawyer culture in which compassion and human life are a distant second to the ‘almighty dollar’.   And justice is solely based on the amount of billable hours that the parasite lawyers can squeeze out of a human being’s death.
Tina Curl needs $4000 to see daughter Becky O’Connell’s rapist and killer Donald Moeller executed
Posted August 23, 2012 at The Telegraph

A MOTHER is battling to raise enough money to travel from New York to South Dakota to watch the execution of the man who raped and killed her nine-year-old daughter 22 years ago.



Tina Curl, 50, said she would only find justice when she had a “front row seat” to see Donald Moeller, 59, take his last breath at his execution, scheduled for between October 28 and November 3.

“I have waited 22 long years for this,” Ms Curl said.

“He watched her die and I am going to watch him die.”



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