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The Redcoats, the Nazis, the Fascists, the Japanese; they all surrendered.   America has never surrendered to an enemy in it's 236 year history – until now.  It will be recorded that in the year 2012 America capitulated to not one but two enemies.  America chose to back down instead of destroying them as it's fearless heroes had done in  the past.

America has surrendered not to a military threat and not to any country or group of countries.  It's still too powerful to have to do that.  Only America itself could defeat the mightiest, the most successful, and the most popular country in history.  And so it did; America has surrendered to Evil – and on two fronts.  America has been defeated by the enemy within and by a foreign enemy silently invading and pounding at the gate at the same time..

The enemy within, cloaked under the guise of a 'political party', slowly took control of the government.  They then  forced a new,  unrecognizable and Godless culture on the citizens by utilizing their mightiest weapon, the courts of America.     Like Islam, it's International enemy, America refused to recognize this enemy.  There were no shots fired and no bloodshed, America was defeated by it's own people by endorsing this camouflaged enemy at the voting booth.   Lawyers have been elected now to over 85% of all key government positions in all branches of the Federal and State governments.   America in 2012 is no longer a Republic.  It is no longer even a democracy.  America is now under the control of a specific privileged class or group of people which by definition makes America an Oligarchy.  (Here)

Islam, the foreign enemy, is not only America's enemy but by it's own admission, is the antithesis of the civilized world.  

But it is America who surrendered to Islam.  First by electing a Muslim to be President.  A man with questionable origins and who grew up in his formative years in Muslim schools, not American schools.   Second, even though Islam declared war on America, America refused to even name this enemy, a prerequisite for defeat.   And finally when America was attacked by this enemy – again – on September 11, 2012, America capitulated.   (Here)

And so the enemies of American tradition and freedoms are in control as the American people look on with disbelief.  The 'good guys' became weak, lethargic and ignorant.  And so they've gone from America's super highway to the infamous road to perdition. 

Time is running out but there is an exit off this road to perdition.   But America must wake up and realize that they CAN NOT vote lawyers into public office.  It should go without saying that you CAN NOT EXPECT the same 'leaders' who put you on this road to get you off….

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." – Albert Einstein

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