New York Times praised Piss Christ, condemned Muhammad movie

–  The Bottom Line  –

How anti-American does The NY Times have to be until the people of America bury it?  Name the category and this paper is on the opposite side of most Americans think and what our Constitution represents. 

The examples of treasonous reporting are too numerous to mention.  Just Google 'treasonous reporting by the new york times' (About 4,500,000 results); and that's just the treason category.  The culture and American traditions category it's the same.  There is rarely a day that the Times endorses anything that represents true American Tradition and values. 

So why would anyone who loves their country spend their money on this out of touch and anti-patriotic rag?  One can only guess.  It is safe to say that only those who hate what America stands for would endorse anything that it prints.  The others only read it to expose it's bias and treasonous reporting while the remainder perhaps still read it out of pure habit.  Anyway the reality is that it's circulation is dropping and it's operating losses continue to underscore that bankruptcy is around the corner.  And good riddens, it can't happen fast enough…

And finally, the 'good guys' in the media.  Those that love their country and are trying to support it's traditions instead of destroying it.  What the hell is wrong with these guys?  They are just so bad at the propaganda game that it's has become beyond embarrassing.  When I watch them report, I feel as though I'm watching kindergarten children playing an adult game.  These propaganda amateurs don't get it; by continually referring to the Times and their lies and ideology, they are giving it credibility when in reality it has none.  In essence they keep resuscitating a dying patient even though the longer it lives, the more disease it will spread among the healthy!  

Hey 'children' of the pundit and media world;  Stop referencing the Times.  The only time you should ever even say the name is simply reporting a headline, no details, and laughing at how bad they are and how no one takes them serious anymore.   In other words, let it die, it's infected the country long enough…

We usually end with a link to the story.  But of course we have to practice what we preach.  So here's the latest:

New York Times praised Piss Christ, condemned Muhammad movie

' LOL!  The New York Times:  Help Wanted – Only those with a prefrontal lobotomy need apply! '



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