" God works in mysterious ways "

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Indeed. Like many agnostics and atheists, I don't buy this reasoning for the ghastly atrocities that plague man almost daily.  But unlike those who scoff at this reasoning, I admit that I am a 'mere mortal' with limited sense and understanding when it comes to 'the master plan.'  It is very confusing.  But this game of life is indeed a game of cards.  You do have a choice, either you accept the cards that are dealt or you quit the game…

Here's a 5 minute excerpt from a fascinating interview between Rabbi Jonathan Cahn & Sid Roth.   The Rabbi does a very good job of 'connecting the dots' to illustrate what very well could be a historical example of God's 'mysterious work.'

Religious or not, one has to admit that this is pretty amazing stuff to be just coincidental.  

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