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Big Al and ‘The Prophet’

–  The Bottom Line  –

It truly amazes me how many in the media refer to Mohamed as 'the prophet.'    Do any of these people have any living brain cells left?  If they did, they would be able to maybe take a few minutes and look up some history of this 'man' who they are describing as 'a prophet.'  They would discover that this 'prophet' was just another evil leader who left behind his evil legacy.

Think of it this way; Let's say that it's 1929.  You live in Chicago and you join the Mob in Cicero.  Your boss, your leader and your idol happens to be a Mr. Alphonse Capone.

[1] Of course you, being a good and dedicated follower and disciple practice and employ all of the tenets of your group as directed by the leader, Mr. Capone.  Now 'poor' Mr. Capone dies at an early age in 1946.    But your organization lives on and the 'Big Guys' memory is forever enshrined in everyone's conscience.   You continue to bribe and kill just as it was 'back in the day' when Big Al ruled the roost. 

Now let's journey back to the year 624:


In March 624, Muhammad led some three hundred warriors in a raid on a Meccan merchant caravan…  Though outnumbered more than three to one, the Muslims won the battle… The victory strengthened Muhammad's position in Medina and dispelled earlier doubts among his followers….  Muhammad united the tribes of Arabia into a single Arab Muslim religious polity in the last years of his life.  –  And so began the history of Islam

Almost 1400 years has passed since Mohamed first inaugurated his 'organization.'    But unlike Mr. Capone and Hitler and the rest of histories evil leaders, Mohamed organized his followers under an eternal and an undisputable symbol; a 'god'.  And he named the god 'Allah' and even presented them with their own rule book, titled the The 'Holy' Koran to let all his followers, forever, understand just what 'Allah' expects of them.

[3]In case your lost it's really pretty simple. 

Mohamed's power, influence and legacy all were established by an ingenious strategy that separates him from all the rest of the evil men that came before or after him.  To 'give the devil his due', Mohamed penned the Koran using the pseudonym of 'Allah' thus guaranteeing his wishes and his legacy would endure for centuries. 

Instead of just issuing commands and orders, he told his followers  that indeed they were being instructed by 'Allah' and that he was 'his messenger' – a 'prophet.'   In other words, whereas Capone, Hitler et al organized under a syndicate or ideology, Mohamed organized under the cloak of religion!   A beautiful brainwashing methodology that even today is still driving his followers to conquer, kill and blow themselves up in his name! 

Not only has it worked for 1400 years, it continues to enable the most evil cult in history to thrive, even in today's so called  modern 'civilized' world…

<< [4] Matthew 7:15 >> [5]

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves".

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