–  The Bottom Line  –

How could the mightiest military in history and the world's most successful country ever lose to a cult who by there own deeds and their own history, are civilizations biggest losers?   Actually there is only one way.  And it can be seen by looking back at The Trojan War and how the Greeks were able to enter the city of Troy under the guise of a wooden horse.   Only in this modern day war, the enemy is 'entering the city disguised 'in sheep's clothing' that the West ignorantly perceives as a religion.

Thank God for Glenn beck and his team over at The Blaze.  Beck now joins Geller, Sultan, Spencer, Wilders, Gabriel, and a few other who are trying to wake up the free world to the War for Civilization

In this 2 part Documentary, the producers walk you through, step by step, the stated goal of Islam and how they are indeed succeeding in their mission to invade America from within and replace all forms of government with Islam and Sharia Law.

This is pretty scary stuff which is why most people refuse to educate themselves and face up to this enemy. – see The Denial of Evil.   But for those who care about the future of America and indeed their children's future anywhere in the world, this is a must see. 

9/11 Was A Warning, Here's The Evidence. 




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