–  The Bottom line  –

Like the saying goes; 'It;s not Obama that's the problem, it's the millions of people who actually voted for him that's the real problem.'   INDEED! 

This Democracy thing is just about the best proven way that a society can govern itself.  But like the proverbial chain, it is only as strong as it's weakest link.  And there can be no doubt that in a Democracy, the weakest link is the utopian notion that 'everyone should get a vote.'

On November 6, 2008, reality reared it's ugly head and the weak link in America's Democracy broke.  A bonofide socialist and apologist for the greatest country in the world was elected it's President by an electorate with little to no concern about the experience , record or intentions of a candidate they knew next to nothing about.  The 'weakest link' had been exposed like never before.  

In theory of course 'everyone gets a vote' sounds so 'fair and equitable.'  But as suggested, this is a utopian theory and in a utopia, everyone would know and understand all the issues and the candidates they are voting on.   Not so today's in the 'American Idol' mindset of a growing percentage of the electorate.  Instead of what and who is good for the country, the dumbed down and entitlement addicted growing number of the electorate is concerned with a smile, a good sound bite and what 'stuff' they will get for free…

You need look no further than this video to see how Barack Obama got elected and how the American experiment will ebd soon unless this 'weak link' is addressed.




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