“We've come to a point…  there would be a split in the Christian world. And divided, we would not be able to stand." 

–  The Bottom Line  –

AMEN Maryland Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. 

OK  I'm a bit prejudice.  Don't ask me why, but for most of my life I have believed that dark skinned Christian families and  preachers are better Christians than are light skinned ones.  Sounds stupid I know but the best guess I can think of for such an opinion is that it appears to me that the dark skinned Christians are more passionate about their faith.  Could be the glorious singing that goes on in their church.  Could be that they always seem to be dressed better on Sunday when they take their families to church.  Could be that their preachers deliver sermons with a vitality that is rare with their light skinned counterparts.  And it could be my life long complaint about any light skinned church I have attended;  it just seems like a funeral service every Sunday versus the celebratory atmosphere in most dark skinned churches…

Anyway, no matter what the neighborhood, the denomination or the country , one thing is for sure: Christianity needs to stand firm and together on the moral issues of the day.   Issues like abortion, homosexuality and marriage have stood the test of time and all honest people know what is right and what is wrong.  I mean one need not even invoke the religious element into the debate – 'It's about Mother Nature Stupid'!

In fact the problems really started when the 'Good Guys' participated in the debate (which did not even rise to the level of something worthy of debating) thus giving it credibility.  And to make it even worse, as they do so often and why they lose so often, the good guys allowed the 'Bad Guys' to not only frame the debate but to even change the meanings of the most important words! 

It will become obvious to you that, like most Americans I am gay and I am pro choice.   Also I am proud to admit that I am a colored person.   And I am also a racist and proud of it.  In fact my wish is that you also will become a racist and therein is the reason for this blog.  read more

So here is Maryland Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. doing what he should be doing as a Christian Preacher but more importantly as a human being living in a civilized society…

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