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October 15, 1992

'The draft dodging hippie who had boasted of his drug use and gone to Moscow to defame his country, a man who was at the time every bit the extreme impossible candidate that Obama would become 16 years later, went on to the White House.  The American presidency ended.  The American celebritocracy began.'

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The author in this article does an excellent job of exposing the exact time when the bar was lowered on The American Presidency.  Whereas in the past a candidate was measured on his experience, character and even military service, now it was all about personality and gift of gab. 


Although the given date is June 11, 2002 [2],  the real 'American Idol' show first aired on June 3, 1992

The End of the American Presidency

Posted  on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 by Daniel Greenfield

The American presidency came to an end on October 15, 1992 during a Town Hall debate between Bush I, Ross Perot and Bill Clinton. The stage of the Town Hall seemed more like a place for Phil Donahue or Sally Jesse Raphael to strut around, biting their lips, and dragging out tawdry tales for audience applause, than for three presidential candidates to discuss the future of the country.

The audience had more in common with the one that usually showed up to cheer or boo Sally or Phil's guests, and the high point of the evening and the end of the country came when one of those guests rose and with the distinctive painstakingly slurred pronunciation of the semi-literate demanded that the candidates tell her how the "National Debt" had affected them personally. …

The American presidency existed the age of policy and entered the age of empathy. Competency no longer mattered. The man in the grey suit who understood the issues had no place on the stage. To get there he would have to get in touch with his inner child and talk about it. He would have to spill his feelings out so that people really believed that he cared.  …

The process that began with televised debates ended with government as entertainment. There was no more room for the ugly or for men and women with private emotions.   The American presidency ended. The American celebritocracy began…

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