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In A League Of His Own

"I don’t regret whatsoever my comments … I will keep calling a spade a spade" – Alan West

–  The Bottom Line  –

I Love This Man.  And I love this man because I love America.  This man is the poster child for America.  War hero, love of God, love of country, love of family, sincere, honest, direct, principled – need I go on…


Alan West is without a doubt the antithesis of the politicians that are destroying America.  First of course he is no lawyer.  Second he served and commanded fellow men in our military for 20 years.  And third and most important he loves and respects the vision and the creation of our Founding Fathers and the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which the strength and the success of America has always been built.

I would love to see this man debate Barack Obama.  But then again maybe not.  As much as I dislike and have no respect for Obama, I would hate to see him cry… 

Just listen to this man speak; No Teleprompter.  This is what you call a brilliant man and a brilliant orator.  Facts, history and clarity all backed up with a love and a passion for his country.   I can't wait for the day that this man becomes our President.



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