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I Am A Racist & You Should Be Too!

–  The Bottom Line  –

Just can't get over how gullible and naive 'The Good Guys' are. They are STILL actually defending themselves when someone calls them a racist.  The reality is, AND LISTEN UP 'GOOD GUYS', that the only people that use the word racist in today's political environment are the only REAL RACISTS!


Now if Bernie Madoff called you a thief, would you be offended and try to defend your record to him or would you laugh in his face and walk away in laughter? 

So why in hell does anyone care what these mentally challenged and race baiting morons say?????   I do not have an answer other than saying how damn naive 'The Good Guys' are when it comes to propaganda.

Actually, as pointed out here [2], I am a true racist and I pray that all people were racists. 


Here's another of the never ending stories of someone 'being offended' by a word that lost it's intended meaning many years ago…

 Chicago Small Business Owner Labeled a ‘Racist’ For Posting Anti-Obama Signs in Store Window

Posted on October 23, 2012 by Jason Howerton

“I was coming to work and in lipstick it had a sign, ‘Racist.’ I’m not a racist. My wife is Spanish. Come on,” he said.

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